Change over time project learning objectives identify the key

 Change over Time Project
identify the key events, peoples, and individuals associated with the themedemonstrate awareness of the basic historical chronology associated with your theme and locationsdevelop analytical skills by scrutinizing primary source documents associated with your topicdevelop critical thinking and problem solving skills by understanding change over time and analyzing the relationship between geography and the outcomes of eventssynthesize diverse historical information on your topic and present this information in a coherent, well-articulated and well-substantiated multimedia presentationdemonstrate the use of Time Toast for creating a historical chronology
You will be required to provide a change over time historical analysis on the following broad theme: Changes to American Society and Culture from 1700 to 1812Please note that this is a very broad topic that you can narrow in many ways. Change can be defined in many ways (you can look at cultural trends and fads, demographics, or any other narrower topic that can relate to society and culture). So, just as with a broad prompt for an analytical essay, you will have to do some brainstorming/concept mapping to come up with your narrowed focus. You are welcome to email me (your instructor) to discuss your overall thesis for your project before you get too far along.You must choose a minimum of 6 events that relate to your narrowed theme. 2 must come from 1700-1763; 2 from 1763-1783, and two from 1783-1812.You will conduct your research utilizing your assigned readings and course materials, for this assignment you will also access the Internet and you may use Internet resources of academic quality (properly cited) for this assignment. You will also find images from the Internet to use on your timeline. You must also utilize 3 Primary Sources in your timeline. You will utilize Time Toast (see info below) for creating your timeline and you will then write a 1-2 page change over time analysis of your findings.The timeline is worth 250 points and the analysis worth 50 points.
Successful projects willHave a title that clearly identifies the theme and narrowed focus (and includes your initials in a parenthesis at the end)Contain a minimum of 6 chronological events with at least two from each era noted aboveClearly explain in the Time Toast text box for each event what the event is and how it relates to your theme/focus. Geographic location of event should also be referenced. This is a one paragraph in length analysis of each location (minimum of 75 words).Consider how chronology influenced the outcome of events (in analysis)Make connections by explaining how the events are related (in timeline and analysis)Determine if there are any significant patterns revealed by the timeline of your events or their geographic location (in your analysis)Utilize three primary source documents (in timeline – can also utilize in your analysis)Utilize academically appropriate secondary sourcesBe aesthetically pleasing, each entry in Time Toast must have a relevant image.Use proper Turabian/Chicago citationEach of the 6 events must include a 1 paragraph analysis, proper Turabian/Chicago style footnote citations, a relevant image. Geographic location should also be noted.

What are “acceptable” academic resources and how can I find them?

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Upload your Time Toast URL address by pasting it into the comments box. You will need to set your Time Toast to be public and make sure that you can see it using a different browser to allow me to grade it.

When picking your events, brainstorm about your thesis – what are you showing me? What patterns do you see from these events? Remember, you have to have both a chronological and geographic analysis – show me how things changed over time and the geographic impact of the events. You have to connect all the events (how are they all related, what does that show us) — so make sure that you present and discuss events that show the change/progression over time. If you need help, remember back to the Historical Methods Portfolio – you must have:

the start

the action

the present/results

Ex. 20 years ago I was in Middle School (the start/beginning), I went to college and graduate school (the change/action) and now I teach college classes (the present/results). Remember, you must include citations!