Chapter 11 project risk management task 3 develop a response strategy

Task 3: 

a. Develop a response strategy for one of the negative risks and one of the positive risks. 

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b. Enter the information in the risk register. 

c. Write a separate paragraph describing what specific tasks would be required to implement the strategy. 

d. Include time and cost estimates for each strategy as well.


Chapter 11 Project Risk Management

Book: Information Technology Project Management Schwalbe Schwalbe 9th edition

Running Case:

You and your team identified some risks during the first week of the Global Treps Project. 

However, you never ranked the risks or developed any response strategies. 

Because several negative risk events have already occurred 

(such as Ashok breaking his wrist and poor communications with a key stakeholder in Ethiopia, as described in Chapter 10), you have decided to be more proactive in managing risks. 

You also want to address positive risks as well as negative risks.