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The idea that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is harmful represents one of the main reasons why the use of sunblock/sunscreen has been widely promoted.  In particular, ultraviolet (UV) rays are known to cause damage to the skin upon direct contact which can lead to various adverse effects such as: premature aging, sunspots, wrinkles, formation of benign and malignant melanomas, cancer, and possibly death. However, it is also known that direct sunlight (and more importantly, its contact with skin that has not been treated with any sunblock/sunscreen) is required for the synthesis of Vitamin D within the human body; which means that to some extent, there is an essential need to actually be exposed to direct sunlight each day.

  As this issue continues to be debated more and more, the question that mostly remains is whether or not UV rays from the sunlight are ultimately more beneficial or harmful to human beings throughout their lifespan. 

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 To address this issue, you will be required to do the following:

  1.   Introduce, present, and discuss both perspectives critically based on valid research that exists. Choose a position on where you stand on this particular issue and provide supporting evidence of your claim by citing academic sources.

   2. Incorporate at least 1-2 graphical illustrations that highlight quantitative metrics (i.e. time, wavelengths, energy, frequency) associated with the dangers of UV rays making contact with human skin and at least 1-2 graphical illustrations that correlate with how UV rays are associated with synthesizing Vitamin D in the skin.  You MUST also discuss your graphs thoughtfully in terms of the variables assessed/presented, and also provide at least 2 math equations and 2 calculations based on the scientific data presented on this issue. (Note: The equations and calculations can either be based on the graphs you include or used to address, introduce, or prove a particular point.)

3.  Image – Select or draw an image that is properly referenced in your paper to show that you are able to relate your image to your contet. The selected image must help the reader understand the topic better.

4. Graph – You may plot a graph from a data table from your cited source or use a graph already drawn to show that you are able to interpret the data table or graph. From the graph, what generalization can be made?

5. Mathematical Equations/ Calculations- Use relevant mathematical formulas used in chemistry to calculate an unknown quantity in your paper such as molarity, charge, energy, calories, frequency, mass, slope, y-intercept etc. In doing so you will demonstrate an ability to reason quantitatively.Be sure to thoroughly discuss both sides of the issue and present your position. Presenting both sides of the issue before you state your position demonstrates that you have critically analyzed the data and made a well-informed decision.

6.Write your paper third person even as you write your position. Use proper grammar and punctuation.

7. Include in-text citations and cite sources on the last page. The  APA 6th edition guide has been provided below with examples to help you properly format your paper.