Child abusers | Criminal homework help

 Child abuse incidents are some of the most heartbreaking cases that police officers investigate.  Not only are children often abused physically and emotionally in their home environment, but they are sometimes victimized again by the criminal justice system.  You’ve read Chapter 8.  Children are not only vulnerable as victims.  They are also extremely sensitive to the process of prosecuting their abusers.  Giving a detailed statement of their abuse and testifying in a courtroom setting can be traumatic for adults.  Imagine how frightening this can be for a child.  There have been advances over the years to reduce the trauma of these proceedings and provide a more sensitive process for child victims.  Based on your readings from Chapter 8, discuss your thoughts and feelings on how these cases are now handled by the police and by the courts.  In addition, do you have any thoughts or recommendations on how this process can be further improved?  

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