Choose the 2 buildings from the book buildings across time, 5th ed.

Compare and contrast about Florence Cathedral “Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore”  and “s. carlo alle quattro fontane”

this is about this 2 buildings. The 2 buildings are from separate time periods. need compare and contrast the 2 buildings. should be over 2,000 words which is 4 to 8 pages, double spaced. use pictures for reference and a cover page. 

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Site the sources, 1 st or 3rd person. Choose the 2 buildings from the book “Buildings Across Time, 5th ed. Michael Fazio”

 Chapter 11 Renaissance Architecture 

Chapter 12 Baroque Architecture 

Beyond Consider the following:

• Provide the name of the building, location and Architect and year it was built. 

• Analyze the buildings formal and iconographic meaning, its social, functional or religious significance, and its cultural and historical context and aesthetic, cultural, economic factors 

• Provide any relevant chronological, regional, and stylistic development of the architecture surveyed. 

• Define and articulate your building with architectural terminology. 

• Identifying any technological developments affecting the styles/movements studied. 

• Apply your own observational and critical thinking skills in the analysis of historical works of architecture.