Chpl interview research paper: part 3 turabian footnote citation | CHPL 500 – Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry | Liberty University


Interview a chaplain currently serving in the particular chaplaincy discipline in which you have chosen to focus your Research Paper. The interview may be conducted in person (preferable), by video communication, or by phone.  

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There are three elements to this assignment as follows:

1. Locate a chaplain of your chosen field of chaplaincy to interview. It is preferable that the chaplain is interviewed face to face, in person or by telecommunications. As a last resort a telephone interview is permissible. All interviews, at a minimum, must be in realtime and include an auditory conversation. Email, text, and other non-verbal communications are not permitted. 

2. The interview should seek answers to the fifteen questions listed below, and seek answers to 5 additional questions the student develops. 

3. Following the interview, the student will write a 5 pg paper following standard essay Turabian format (Title Page, Table of Contents, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Bibliography). The paper must identify the unique elements and peculiarities of the particular chaplaincy discipline. The paper should include several direct quotes from the chaplain interviewed, as well as the student’s summary of each of the questions. The paper should not be written as a verbatim, but rather an essay. Use subheadings and paragraphs to separate each question.

  • Why did you enter this       particular chaplaincy discipline? 
  • How long have you served as a       chaplain within this chaplaincy discipline?
  • What preparation did you       receive to qualify you for this chaplaincy discipline?
  • What ministry opportunities       are availed to you in your particular chaplaincy discipline?
  • What are the strengths of your       ministry discipline compared with other types of ministry?
  • What weaknesses do you       perceive in your chaplaincy discipline?
  • What are your greatest       challenges serving as a chaplain within this discipline?
  • What threats, concerns or       challenges do you perceive for evangelical chaplains in your chaplaincy       discipline?
  • How effective do you perceive       your ministry efforts are within your chaplaincy discipline?
  • How has your ministry as a       chaplain affected your personal and family life?

The paper must contain footnoted quotations and thoughts from the interviewee

The paper must be accomplished in current Turabian footnote citation style.

The paper’s Introduction must include the full name and position of the chaplain interviewed, as well as, the time, place, and means of communication (Face to Face, Video Telecommunication, Phone).

Applicable information and quotes from this paper will provide you with a first-hand primary source for Research Paper Part 5.

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.