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CMSC140 Common Project Submission Requirements

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o Submit all required files to the Blackboard Project <number> assignment area no later than the due date.

o If program does not compile, project may get grade “0”. Contact your instructor prior to the project submission due date if you have compilation issues. 


1. Documentation(a Word or PDF file). Your documentation should include items listed below.

2. Your source code (a .cpp file). Your source code file should include a block comment (header) listed below.

3. A zip file for MOSS. The C++ file should be zipped and saved as 

4. Checklist/grading rubric. The project specific checklist/grading rubric spreadsheet should be saved as LastNameFirstName_Projectx_checklist.xlsx. Where LastName and FirstName in the file name should contain YOUR NAME. x should be replaced with project number.

Details for Deliverables:

The above deliverables will be packaged as follows:

1. Documentation: Word document(docx) or .pdf including: 

a. Title page including student name, project title and number

b. Test Plan contains 

i. SEPARATE columns for EACH data item used in the program, i.e. all variables and constants declared in the program

ii. each column should have column heading, preferably names used in the program

iii. at least three COMPLETE sets of test data that is enough to run the program at least three times

c. Screenshot of the program run (using test data from the Test Plan)

d. Flow chart

e. “Lessons Learned” section describing any issues you experienced during work on the project and how you solved them or your overall experience.

2. C++ files (source code):FirstInitialLastName_Pr<number>.cpp

Program Header:All programming projects’ source code needs to have one block comment at the top of the program containing the course name and CRN, the project number, your name, project description, and the due date. Provide any additional comments as necessary to clarify the program.
Following is a template of the required program header:


* Class: CMSC140 CRN

* Instructor:

* Project<number>

* Description: (Give a brief description for Project)

* Due Date:

* I pledge that I have completed the programming assignment independently.

  I have not copied the code from a student or any source.

  I have not given my code to any student.

  Print your Name here: __________


/* List of Input for the program: 



(more as needed)

* List of Output from the program: 



(more as needed)

* Pseudocode or Algorithm for the program:

(be sure to indent items with control structure)

(need to match flow chart submitted in documentation)






(more as needed)


Comments:  Add comment to variables, formulas, or any part of the program with the purpose of making the source code easier to understand.

Indentation: It must be consistent throughout the program and must reflect the control structure.

Proper naming conventions: Variable and method names need to be descriptive to show the role of the variable or method. Avoid single letter names. Constant names should be all upper case, variable names should use “camel case” (i.e. start with lower case, with subsequent words starting with upper case: hoursWorked for example) or underscores to separate words (i.e. items_ordered). 

3. MOSS zip file: This .zip will not have any folders in it – only .cpp files.

Note: This format is required to check for duplicate submissions using “MOSS” Plagiarism Detection Software. 

4. Checklist (grading sheet): Specific project checklist and grading rubric worksheet should be completed with your name in the highlighted cell and your initials in the checkboxes.