Coastline ms100 m09/10 quiz latest


M09/10 Quiz: Chapter 9 and 10 Quiz

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Question 1

Codes of conduct can best be described as:

company policies


general guidelines

all of the above

Question 2

A job description should include all of the following except:

gender and age preference.

physical conditions.



Question 3

__________ principles judge the ethics of a particular situation by the consequences of that action.





Question 4

__________ training alerts people to policies, regulations, and laws that establish acceptable behavior within a company.





Question 5

A predictor of correlation between employment applicant test results and future job performance is known as ____________.

test awareness

test validity

test application

test results

Question 6

The purpose of compensation is to ______, ________, and ________ employees.

develop, promote, reward

distinguish, reward, retain

attract, develop, reward

attract, develop, retain

Question 7

The most appropriate statement that encompasses the total purpose of employee training would be: ____________.

Training creates an improved today and tomorrow

Work today, train tomorrow

Training helps people

I’m doing what I was trained to do

Question 8

____________ begins where recruiting ends.



Job development


Question 9

No simple set of rules tells us how to behave morally or ethically in all situations; therefore, there is a need for a(n):

quality circle.

organization restructuring.

chain of command.

code of ethics.

Question 10

To determine whether or not to hire from within the organization or externally, managers should compare __________ and _________.

desires, career potential

costs, benefits

inventory, forecast

talents, expectations

Question 11

When an individual makes decisions without a moral and ethical base, he or she is adrift and may rely solely on:

organization restructuring and design.

standing and single-use plans.

self-interest and economics.

leadership and power centralization.

Question 12

An arbitrator’s decision following a formal grievance process is ____________.



not binding

merely a recommendation

Question 13

In order to make organizations socially responsible, ____________ must dedicate time and money.



Employee Committees

Governmental Agencies

Question 14

All of the following are components of the appraisal system except:


promotion potential



Question 15

The term “glass ceiling” refers to:

invisible barriers of discrimination that involve the physical environment of the company.

invisible barriers of discrimination that prevent managers from advancing employees.

invisible barriers of discrimination against unprotected groups.

invisible barriers of discrimination that block protected groups from advancing into upper management.

Question 16

Generally, employment interview questions that ask about age or marital status are considered ____________.




within an unstructured interview format

Question 17

As a warning to superiors attempting to set an ethical example for others, ____________ speak louder than ____________.

rules; procedures

actions; words

policies; behaviors

words; rules

Question 18

The assignment of conducting the in-depth interview normally will be granted to the ____________.

Director of Personnel

personnel department

applicant’s reporting superior

training department

Question 19

Which of the following is a characteristic for a code of ethics?

They serve as a visible guideline for behavior at all levels.

They provide an unchallenging basis for firing an unethical employee.

They protect all personnel from the pressures of the market, which may lead to unethical behavior.

all of the answers are correct

Question 20

Pre-employment physical examinations can be used for all the following except:

medical histories

excuses for not hiring

prevention of insurance fraud claims

certification of physical capabilities