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The visual learner statistics includes five types of sampling which are as follows: Cluster sampling, Simple random sampling, Stratified sampling, Systematic sampling and Convenience sampling.


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Cluster Sampling: It is used by dividing out the samples into groups. For example sort out in a city the actual number of kids, elderly and newborns. 


Simple Sampling: this alllows for a greater chance of everyone to have the same chance of being selected. Fo example drawing balls from a pumpkin.


Stratified Sampling: methodical method used to choose or place samples. its like beeing in a meeting and choose members to divide in groups.


Systemic sampling: gives more of a pattern of how the sampling will be excecuted. For  example  every second cousin of a family should get an invitation.


Convenience sampling:subjects are selected off convenience. Like the kids are allowed to choose which movie to watch instaed of the whole family choosing. 

Anyone performing the study should find all the sampling interesting



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