Committees and teams | Human Resource Management homework help

Select either Option A or Option B to respond to and indicate within your post which option you chose. 

Option A: Identify what you believe are the top three challenges in setting up a hospital-based committee from a managerial perspective.  In a 250- to 300-word post, discuss your rationale and address the following questions: 

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  1. Why are committees advantageous for health care organizations? 
  2. What are some of the steps that you as a manager, could take to overcome these challenges? 
  3. How would you address conflict and/or divisiveness within the committee or team?

Option B : Committees have been determined as a necessary component to health care organizations.  As a manager, you have been tasked to set up a committee with one of the hospital departments.  In doing so, consider the following questions:  

  1. How much influence should the committee have in the overall management structure? 
  2. How would you maintain authority without adopting an autocratic leadership style? 
  3. How would you set up an employee team without violating union and labors laws?         

Required Resources

Required Text

  • Management principles for health professionals (6th ed.): 
  • Chapter 7: Budgeting: Controlling the Ultimate Resource
  • Chapter 8: The Middle Manager and Documentation of Critical Management Process
  • Chapter 9: Committees and Teams


Recommended Resources



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