Company research | Management homework help

choose a company and write about the company selected.

should be about 2,000 words in length. References should be cited throughout the paper and in the reference section.

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  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • Provide background information on the company selected for the project, including the website link, financial information (annual sales and profits for the last three years), stock exchange information (if applicable), etc.
    • Describe the company’s industry, products/services sold, customer base, and competitors.
  • Body
    • Company’s Organization and Management of Information Systems
      • Identify the types of information systems the company uses. If information systems can’t be identified, search to identify systems used by competitors or that can be purchased for use by the company.
      • Describe how information systems enhance the company’s business processes.
      • Suggest how the company has used information system(s) or any technology to achieve a competitive advantage.
      • Identify any ethical and/or social issues in the company’s use of information systems to manage its business.
    • Company’s Information Technology Environment
      • Describe how the company may upgrade its information technology(IT) infrastructure from time to time.
      • Based on what you have learned about the company, what is your assessment of its ability to effectively secure and protect customer information and privacy?
    • Application of Information Systems to Managing the Company’s Business
      • Based on your research and knowledge of the company’s products, services, customers, and markets, briefly describe the company’s supply chain.
      • Describe some of the company’s ecommerce activities as you see them.
  • Conclusion
    • Briefly describe your overall assessment of why information systems are of value to this company.
  • References
    • A minimum of five references should be cited throughout the paper and referenced at the end of the paper in the References section; all sources should be cited in APA format.