Completing analysis in generic qualitative inquiry (thematic


For this discussion, using generic qualitative research method and the data collected from the virtual interviews below fellow learners, complete the generic qualitative research analysis of the data below.

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For thematic analysis, cluster patterns to develop themes for generic qualitative inquiry, 

Research Question: How do learners describe the educational sessions at the residency?

Attended Residency

· Tiffany and Patrick attended some of the past residencies at Capella University, and both had similar or different feelings on what they have accomplished. Participation in scholarly/creative endeavors with peers and faculty members doing a set period of time. A vehicle for socializing into the shared professional community. Acquisition of inquiry skills, research methodology development, and professional values integration. 

· Yes, I have completed 2 residencies. 

· Yes, I have. I have completed Two.

Knowledgeable Instructors 

· During the residencies, great help was given in the area of extended knowledge.

· The instructors were knowledgeable and willing to share their thoughts in order for you to succeed. 

Research Skills

· My research skills were the same as before the residency. My research skills were acquired through my previous degrees and my employment.

· I felt that they help me to drill down on my research topic for my dissertation and think about my potential design methodology.

Topic Examination

· It’s not my choice of topic, honestly would have never thought of it, but seems to be interesting.  So we will run with it. 

· I feel that I can use the library’s research databases more efficiently and filter through a lot more topics and weed out what I don’t need.

Topic Achievement

· During the two residencies, my dissertation topic has been approved.

· I am just sticking with it the approved topic. After pulling this new topic together in a week’s time, ~70 articles later, I am keeping it. It was obviously meant to be.

· I established my topic and my methodology


· After crying fits and meltdowns, I was able to regroup and finish my assignments properly. Mental strength comes to mind.

· I took my first residency when the pandemic hit in 2020 and I pushed through. 

· While my symptoms would be considered mild, where I did not have to be hospitalized, I had to reach down deep within and push through. Looking at a computer screen and fighting the headaches was surreal. 

Overcoming Challenges 

· In the 2nd residency, the combination of two assignments was due by the 4th week, in the 3rd week I had a brand-new topic, (a topic I knew nothing about, nothing), so basically after a years’ worth of research on another topic, I had to start over from scratch, and I had a week to complete the previous 2nd week’s assignment and the current assignment that was due to the end of the 4th week. 

· You get so busy with school and life that everything kind of blurs together. 

· Catching Covid-19 and still have to read and complete my assignments and discussions. 


· Having my topic approved after three major changes, the accomplishment I feel is that I can overcome any roadblocks sent my way.

· After my last residency, residency two my dissertation topic and methodology are more focused.