Comprehensive research paper | Engineering homework help

Write a 1000-1500 word double spaced 12 font research paper-approximately 4-6 pages (unless you add charts or tables and then more). Use endnotes. 

Potential Research Topics for Human Threats

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A survey of training programs with analysis-Pick three organizations and either through interviews or research online, analyze their information assurance-training program Then using principles learned in this class, discuss how you would improve on it. You may use the university or company you work for as one organization, but do not use both.

Behavioral Analysis-Create a survey to ask twenty people about cyber security importance and practices in their life, to include social media. Ask at least five questions per person with multiple choice/short answer response. Use two equal groups of subjects (such as men/women, over 30 yrs/under 30 yrs, white/non-white). Then share the results with your own conclusions.

Deep fake propaganda Study-Pick an ongoing conflict, upcoming world event, or long term strategic campaign and explain how you would use information operations to disrupt it without intrusion on their network. This can include deep fakes, bot accounts, or other disinformation. Explain the strategic significance, kinetic effects the campaign might have, and expertise needed to do this.

You may submit your own topic but it will be highly scrutinized by me to capture the intent of paper-solving real world projects through critical thinking and scenario building. In other words, you should be studying a human threats problem and developing services a company would purchase from you.