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Do a two page paper talking about wearable devices.  It has to be MLA formatted.

Grading Rubric: Point Values

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Word Lab 2: Wearable Devices

10 – Modify Normal Style

10 – Adjust Line Spacing to Double

5 – Remove Space Below Paragraphs

5 – Update Normal Style

10 – Create Header with Number Pages, use the page number command

10 – Set First Line Indent to ½ inch 

5 – Bibliography Style MLA

10 – Add Sources shown in assignment

10 – Insert Manual Page Break

5 – “Works Cited” Title Entered and Centered

10 – Insert sources on Works Cited page using “Insert Bibliography” on the Bibliography list. 

5- Check Spelling and Grammar

5- Save as Lab 2-1 Wearable Devices Paper