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explore the following site

– On the first site (Common Core State Standards Initiative) (Links to an external site.)
view the video at the top of the page (you’ll see a video tab).  In addition, read What Parents Should Know, Frequently Ask Questions and Myths vs. Facts (under About the Standards), and Key Shifts for both English Language Arts and Mathematics (under Other Resources).

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-On the second site (Common Core Works), (Links to an external site.)

 view the Featured Video (if it differs from the one you already viewed) and explore other areas of the site. 

DO: In the Common Core Forum, write your own thoughts of what educational philosophies you see embedded in the Common Core State Standards and why. 

 Respond to this core forum: The main educational philosophy that I see embedded in the Common Core  Standards is progressivism because it is an educational philosophy that stresses active learning through problem-solving, projects, and hands-on experiences. The Common Core Standards also  “focuses on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students need to succeed.” Both educational philosophies focus on critical thinking and problem solving to ensure students are ready for today’s entry-level careers or freshman courses in colleges and universities. As well, I feel like both philosophies emphasize student-led activities.