Course project 3 promotional mix

Course project 3 Promotional Mix

Each promotional mix tool and campaign requires an objective, a budget, a message strategy, a media plan and artwork.

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      • Advertising
      • Internet marketing
      • Direct marketing
      • Sales promotion
      • Public relations

Homework Project: In the News . . .

These projects are intended to provide current material for class discussion and review. To receive full credit for this requirement, each student should turn in an In the News . . . project during Week 4. This project is due in Week 4 and is worth 70 points. The project may draw on items from the online environment—newspapers, magazines, and websites—to provide current (i.e., within the last year) examples of course-related topics (i.e., advertising or public relations). Creativity, relevance, and probable interest to the class are especially welcome. As an example, a recent article on the meaning and use of color in advertising provides a useful document that could be accompanied by some examples of advertising that demonstrate effective and/or ineffective use of color.

These items should be accompanied by a 450-words report (use bullet points), explaining

·         why and how the material is important and relevant to the course content; and

·         what practical managerial implications the material has.