Create an erd for the following scenario.

Create an ERD for the following scenario. Once you submit you will get access to the correct way to create the ERD. Please watch the video and correct any errors in your submission and resubmit. 

A small company ABC wants a database to keep track of internal company information. Â  Given the following information create an ERD. The ABC Company has several departments and several employees. A division operates many departments but each department is operated by only one division. Most employees reside in a single department however, the company has “rovers” that aren’t assigned any department. Employees are assigned to projects along with other employees. If a project doesn’t have any employees assigned it is cancelled. Each division has a single manager and each department has a single manager. Employees cannot manage more than one division or department.

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After you complete the ERD on 10/9/18 the teacher will send me a link that i’ll forward to you so you can make corrections on or before 10/10/18.  Don’t bid on this assignment unless you understand this assignment.  Thank you

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