Criminology look different if dheories had been designed by wimen

W13 A
Would criminology look different today if all the early theories had been designed by women, to explain the behaviors of women?

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W 13 D Q 1    How does the Routine Activity Theory impact the workplace?

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W 13 D Q 2
What examples of changes in the criminal justice system can you think of that have been made to address the needs and concerns of women?
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W 13 D Q 1
Well Routine Activity Theory says for crime to occur there has to be motivated offenders, suitable targets and an absence of capable guardians of persons or property. And having a full-time job the stuff they do can become routine very easily allowing them to know who is where or who is doing what giving them an idea of what they can do and when they can do it. In a paper called Routine Activity and Victimization at Work said “activities performed as part of the occupational role affect the risk of victimization at work to a much greater degree than demographic characteristics of workers (Lynch 1987).”

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D Q 13 1
Routine Activity Theory
The Routine Activity Theory focuses more on the opportunities provided by criminals the the behavior that is provided within this.  One thing adds on to another, so with all the elements mixed together needed to commit for crime or the opportunity of crime, all the elements are needed to do so.  If an opportunity is presented to a person, the person not only needs to be willing to do so, but the target should present itself.  This theory can impact a work place in various ways.  A person may have the opportunity to steal, cause violence, and various others.  Theft is a big one in a work place and in basic society.  If someone loses something, it is easy for someone to just take advantage of an item laying out in the open with nothing attending it to replace the missing object.  Someone may not be deviant, but if the opportunity presents itself, one may take advantage.  There are various things that could apply to this. 

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W 13 d2
The criminal justice system has neglected women due to the patriarchy in America.  The domination of women by the majority has put women in the foreground where their expectations were apparent by their treatment.  Because of their gender, women are also at greater risk for experiences such as sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Among women, the most common pathways to crime are based on survival (of abuse and poverty) and substance abuse.” Pollock points out those women offenders have histories of sexual and/or physical abuse that appear to be major roots of subsequent delinquency, addiction, and criminality (Covington 2001).  New programs have brought to light the problems that women face in our society.  Men have been held more accountable and the causation of crime concerning women has shifted towards the social repercussions of their existence at the hands of others.  Women have made gains in garnering more support for the social causation of the crime concerning females.  The result is more awareness, more treatment options, and solutions that contrast previous more punitive ones.
Covington, Stephanie. (2001). A Woman’s Journey Home. Center for Gender Injustice. (p.2).

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13 D Q 2
The criminal justice system have made various changes throughout history to better accomodate with women.  For a long period of time, women were kind of discrminated against, and thought of not “tough enough” or “sound enough” to be a police official or a law enforcement officer.  Usually, this job was made for a man’s built and a woman shouldn’t get involved.  As  time went on, women made their mark in the system and found a place.  Women are doing things such as solving crimes, pursuting criminals, supervising people in jail, and the list could go on.  Women should be treated more as equals in the criminal justice system, because of the strenghths they can require that aren’t very easily obtained by men.  A certain example would be calmness when talking to a suspect, women are often more reserved and better at talking than men.  It is growing in the law enforcement the needs of women, and they should be provided because of the everyday fight to show that they belong in the system.

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