critical reflection/response: what does it mean to be “american”?


What does it mean to be ‘American’?

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The objective of this first Critical Reflection/Response is to ponder the first week’s Lesson materials and critically reflect on the Module 2 theme of what it means to be American. There is NO right or wrong answer here. But this is not an opinion assignment. Review the Critical Reflection and Response Guidelines and Rubric here. 

Your Reflection MUST

  • incorporate the anthropological perspective in some way
  • be informed by 1) Evelyn Glenn’s (2015) article, “Settler Colonialism as Structure: A Framework for Comparative Studies of U.S. Race and Gender Formation” and 2) at least one (1) other course elements that stuck with you as you were reading (film clips, TedTalks, etc.). 
  • mention specifically how the article and any other elements inspired your thinking about what it means to be American.
    • In other words, don’t just summarize what you read, relate it back to the question. 
  • be written in clear and concise language.
  • make every attempt to cite (that is, give proper credit) to the elements you mentioned above.

The Instructional Assistants and I are looking for a good critical reflection, following the guidelines posted above. 

Instructions for submission:

  1. Compose your reflection in a word document and save it so you don’t lose your work; 
  2. Keep your reflection between 250 – 300 words (about the length of these instructions); 
  3. Proofread your submission for spelling and grammar errors;

Other course material;