Critical thinking ethos w5 | English homework help


For this assignment, you will revisit the Ethos Statement you wrote in Lesson 1 (ATTACHED IN A FILE).  As you did then, you will write two paragraphs for this assignment.

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In the first paragraph, revisit the first paragraph of your initial Ethos statement.  Address the following in this paragraph:

  • Have you upheld your responsibilities as a student in this course?
  • So far, has your planning proven effective in making sure you are successful in this course?
  • How might you revise your plans (if necessary) to ensure that you are successful in this course?

In the second paragraph, update your thoughts on critical thinking — both as a beneficial practice and this course.  Address the following in this paragraph:

  • How have your thoughts about critical thinking changed since beginning this course?
  • How have you applied critical thinking in your daily life?
  • How has critical thinking proven to be beneficial in your decision making?