Data visualization dashboard | Accounting homework help

You serve as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of your city government. Recent

discussions in upper-level management meetings highlight concerns about the

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government’s financial performance. Juliet Sweeting, the city’s Chief Financial

Officer (CFO) asked you to help benchmark your city’s financial performance against

another city of similar size. You have been tasked to create a Dashboard in Excel

that can use to compare your city to any other city. The comparison will be done with

ratios commonly used to evaluate the financial health of city governments.

Your goal is to choose another city similar to yours and compute the ratios for each

city. Create a dashboard whereby Ms. Sweeting, CFO can easily read and

understand the results in 30 seconds or less.

1. Find the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for two cities.

2. Type in the financial statements of the two cities in side-by-side fashion on Tab 3

of your Excel file (Do not copy and paste a picture. You need these numbers for

your computations). If data not shown on the financial statements is necessary

for your ratio computations, create an “Other Information” area to post this data

for the two cities.

3. Use Tab 2 of your Excel file to show the computation of the ratios by category; see the Appendix below. The information used to compute the ratios should flow

from the data in Tab 3. Make sure it is clear to your CFO that you know how to

compute and interpret these ratios.

4. Use Tab 1 to create a dashboard showing the results of the ratios, comparing

the two cities. The dashboard should be composed ONLY of clearly-marked

graphs that convey the data in a way that makes it easy to read and understand


5. When Ms. Juliet Sweeting, CFO changes numbers on the financial statements

on Tab 3, the dashboard graphs should automatically change.

The ratios required fall into three categories, as shown in the Appendix

Use the most recent annual financial statements.

• Present 2 decimal points for all figures in your deliverable

• Remember all reports and dashboards should be clear and easy to read

• Use a large enough font that anyone can easily read your dashboard