Db4 | CRIS 302 – Foundational Principles of Crisis Response | Liberty University


Discussion Board Forum 4

Topic: Trauma and Ministry

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Formulate a thread of at least 400 words to answer the questions in the following scenario: You are called to the aftermath of a massive hurricane that hit the Southeast. Upon arrival at a respite center for the displaced and newly homeless, you first encounter a man who lost everything in the wake of the storm.  As you begin talking with him, you notice someone else join him. In tears, he introduces you to his wife. Based on what you have learned in this week’s Kanel reading, how would you approach this couple in time of their loss? What suggestions does Kanel make for helping someone walking through loss? What does it mean to offer this couple the ministry of presence? Use the Bible to support what a ministry of presence might look like. textbook Kristi Kanel a guide to crisis intervention