Dbms assign 1 | Information Systems homework help

In this week’s reading, “Evolution of Data Storage Models”, various storage models were discussed from flat files to object-oriented databases.  While the document covers much of the topic, it is by no means complete.  The needs of organizations, and their underlying technologies, continue to change.  Because of these changes, database models will continue to evolve.  Information Systems professionals who wish to remain relevant will need to stay abreast of these new database models.  It is, therefore, important for Information Systems professionals to develop research skills so they can stay current on technologies as they change.  This first assignment is an opportunity to build, or reinforce, those research skills.

Assume that your boss has just caught the last minute of an NPR report on the newest database trend: NoSQL databases.  Your boss is intrigued and wants you to prepare a one page executive summary on the topic for him.  Specifically, the summary needs to explain what a NoSQL database is (including its major features) and how it differs from a relational database. 

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The summary should include three to five references with proper citations – use APA format.  For the body of the document, use single spacing, one inch margins, and a 12-point font.

Points will be awarded as follows: Up to 20 points for complete/correct information; up to 10 points for proper references and citations; up to 10 points for quality writing and correct grammar.