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For this week’s second discussion, you need to identify a “decision-maker” that could make a difference regarding the issue. It is important to have the decision-maker in mind (as your audience) as you create your project.

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Follow these steps for this discussion:

  1. State the local issue that you are writing about.
  2. Research: Find out who has the power to make changes to identify the report audience. For example.
    1. If the problem is in an apartment complex, the apartment manager might have some power and the apartment owner would have even more.
    2. If the problem involves people in the community, you want to think about laws or programs. For example, juvenile delinquency might involve elected officials to make laws or the police to enforce laws..
  3. Choose one specific audience for your project. Find the person or organization’s name and contact information. (Feel free to copy web links to make it easier to get back to those pages).
  4. Post the following information to the discussion
    1. Name of the Issue
    2. Name of the decisionmaker who has the authority to implement changes
    3. Contact information for the decision-maker

Here’s an Example:

  1. Issue: Improper handling of trash and trash cans in Prince George’s County, MD
  2. Decisionmaker: The Resource Recovery Division of the Prince George’s County government. The director is Marilyn Naumann.
  3. Contact information:
    1. Leadership: Marilyn E. Naumann, C.P.M., M.O.L.O., Associate Director
    2. About the Resource Recovery Division | Prince George’s County, MD ( to an external site.
    3. Staff Directory • Prince George’s County, MD • CivicEngage ( to an external site.
    4. Department: Phone: PGC311 (301-883-4748)
    5. Webpage: Trash Collection | Prince George’s County, MD ( to an external site.

*** If you are having problems finding your decision-maker or have questions, please send me an email and we can set up a Zoom meeting to work on this together.

As a reminder, to work towards full credit, your original post is due by Thursday, and two substantial responses by Sunday.

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