Definition fun | English homework help

 This is an activity that can get you thinking as “abstractly” as you want. It’s an easy 100 if you complete it, so let’s have fun. 

For this question, you need to select a word that you will use for this exercise. 

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  • If you want to think abstractly and be creative, create a six-letter word using this random letter generator. Be sure you get at least two vowels (AEIOU). 
  • If you would rather not think creatively and use a real word, select a word from either list on this site

The abstract thinkers will have some fun decisions to make; the “concrete thinkers” must actually learn the word they select! 

(Word generator)

1. List the word you are using for this exercise in the space. The word should be either one you randomly generated or one from the lists at the beginning of the questionnaire.  

2  Using your selected word: 

  • If you randonmly generated your word, decide what part of speech it is and list it below. 
  • If you are using a real word, consult a dictionary and determine what part of speech your word is. 

(Need a reminder on the parts of speech? Here you go.)

3.  Using the word you selected or generated: 

Teach your instructor how to say this word. 

4.  Using the word you selected, offer either a formal or extended definition. 

  • If you generated the word, you can make up as much as you want about it. 
  • If you selected a word, you may offer the formal definition, but make sure you understand it. (Go further than just copying and pasting the definition from Google! Don’t plagiarize!)

Formal definitions may include forms of the word, like plural forms or tense forms for verbs. 

Remember extended definitions can include word history and etymology. 

5.  Finally, use your generated or selected word in a sentence.