Deliverable 1 | Computer Science homework help

Requirements : MS VISIO AND MS ASSESS 

The group project requires you to develop a database application to solve a real world data management problem. The entire project consists of three deliverables: 1) a project proposal describing the nature of the problem(s), the proposed database solution to the problem(s), and the associated ERD. 2) An updated group proposal with an enhanced database/ERD, a prototype of the application that contains a preliminary Access database and a set of functionalities your database plan to provide, and 3) the final fully functional database application with actual tables loaded with data and working queries.  The project will be completed as a group project with up to 2 students in each group.   

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The first deliverable is a proposal in MS Word document (using the attached template) that includes: 1) the description of the business context and the problem(s) that your application is trying to address, 2) a list of the entities involved (with descriptions) and their attributes (with descriptions and data types), 3) business rules that define all the relationships among entities, the constraints, and the attribute domains (if any). Note that each relationship requires 2 business rules (see examples in the template). 4) A tentative ERD with all primary/foreign keys, relationships, and constraints specified, and 5) a brief outline of the functionality of the application (i.e. what the users can do with this application). The proposed ERD should include at least 6 entities (a supertype/subtype hierarchy will count as one entity) and should have at least one of each of the following relationships – 1:1, 1:M, M:N (broken in 1:M through an associative entity), unary relationship, and supertype/subtypes with different overlapping/specialization constraints specified. Please read the attached sample file carefully and ensure all the above requirements are met.

Important: To ensure all group members participate in the group project and avoid free-riding. Every student should independently work on requirements 1), 3), and 4) first and submit the individual proposal to other group members for discussions no later than September 17 (you are encouraged to set an earlier date upon agreement of all group members). The group will then select one ERD and expand it into a group proposal that addresses the above 5 requirements. After the group develops the proposal, all students should submit a word document independently that includes the final group proposal and the individual proposal that contains requirements 1, 3, and 4). Both parts will be considered in the grading of this deliverable. If any student fails to submit their individual proposal to the group, the group should not share the the final proposal with this student and should notify the instructor immediately.

Every student should submit his/her individual proposal (that includes #1, 3 and 4) as well as the group proposal (that include #1 through #5) in one MS Word document, and include separate visio files for their individual ERD and the group ERD. Name the file as Deliverable_1_LastName.docx (and.vsdx). For example, if my proposal was not chosen to be the group proposal, then my 3 files will be named: Deliverable_1_Liu.docx, Deliverable_1_Liu.vsdx (individual ERD)  and Deliverable_1_Liu_Group.vsdx (for the group ERD), respectively. For those whose individual ERD is chosen by the group, please indicate so in the proposal and submit only the first two files.