Description of statistical tools in research


I’m currently working on my research capstone project, titled “oral health promotion to improve the quality of life in older adults living independently” and I did a pre and post questionnaire/intervention to assess if the educational intervention it was provided was effective. For the data analysis portion of my project I evaluated the strengths, and limitations, demographic summary, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics for a paired sample t-test (using SPSS), as well as  implications, recommendations.

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In 500 words describe the statistical tool or tools (Paired t-test using SPSS)  that you will use to evaluate the results obtained after your project implementation. You may also explain why you decided that it would be the best instrument to appraise the outcomes of your project. You may exemplify how will you use the tool in your project.

It should include at least 2 academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.