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To develop learning activities that address various learning styles and developmental needs and to evaluate the effectiveness of these learning activities.

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You are a pre-K teacher, starting a new year with a class of four- and five-year-olds. You have begun to notice that during class time, four-year-old Josh stays focused only when using some form of electronic media, such as when he is watching a short video or playing with an educational software program. His attention wanders whenever the class is involved in other types of activities. In addition, during playtime, Josh seems to take make-believe threats seriously. For example, when a classmate assumed the role of a “monster” and chased after a group of students, Josh became extremely upset, cried, and retreated from group play. An interview with his parents revealed that Josh is the youngest of five children, and from a very early age, he has watched television an average of at least three hours a day.

Focus Assignment

1. Describe two learning activities you might employ that could help transfer Josh’s ability to focus on digital media to other activities. Describe a third activity designed to help Josh develop a sense of trust and safety when engaging in play with other students. Observe and record the content that Josh favors. What activities/materials could these interests be transferred to? Observe and record the situations where Josh shows a lack of trust and a concern for safety.


1. For each learning activity:
   a. Explain how this activity addresses the issues in the scenario.


2. Describe and justify how your approach would improve teaching and learning in the scenario.