Discussion 2- “the media torrent”


In 500+ words, please make sure you write a well-organized and critical reaction to my question(s) below.

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For this seminar, you will delve into the “media torrent” on your own, and find two pieces of media that portray gender in some way. You can use music, videos, t.v. shows, movies, video games. 

For each example you’ve chosen, make sure to provide specific information about what the media is and where it came from. Whenever possible, upload the media into your assignment. Then compose an explanation / analysis that explains how you see this media contributing to our society’s conception of gender, our understanding of gender roles, and our individual expression of gender as part of our identity.

The ONLY catch is- you can’t choose anything your peers have already posted! So you have to find things that aren’t already written about in the seminar. 

In his book Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our Lives, Todd Gitlin argues that the contemporary world is bombarded with media to an extreme he calls “supersaturation.” Images, reproduced diminished versions of real things and places, create a “media torrent” that shapes our culture, our lives, our selves.

A couple of notes: 

You do not have to stick with just one aspect of gender (e.g. male or female) but you may do so if you wish.

I encourage you to be creative in your expression for this assignment.  There are no formatting requirements except that you write prose (as opposed to poetry or an outline or bulleted list.

Have fun!