Discussion 8 | Architecture and Design homework help

Read the following pages in Towards A New Architecture: (149-174 )  and resp’ond to one (1) of the following prompts (A, B) in 100 – 150 words. (pg,1 starts in PDF. 24)


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A.    In Le Corbusier’s synopsis of various periods throughout Roman architectural history, he gives insight into the political goals and mindset of Ancient Rome. Discuss how the goals for expanding the Roman empire affected the architecture that was produced at that time.   

B.     Le Corbusier provides an analysis of The Piazza of St. Peters with regard to the Dome and the Facade. What is his critique of the combination of these two elements? Can this critique be applied to your Spatial Experience project? If so, how?  

PDF link: https://monoskop.org/images/b/bf/Corbusier_Le_Towards_a_New_Architecture_no_OCR.pdf