Discussion- cross-curricular connections in literature selection


Two paragraphs with at least 100 words per paragraph explaining the following which should include a reference for each individual paragraph.

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1. As teachers, we are primarily focused on teaching the content for the grade level we teach.  Discuss why it is important to be aware of what students already know and what they will be learning in subsequent grades. Include discussion of why this is particularly important for students transitioning from middle school to high school. Provide real-world examples to support your ideas.

2. Using literature to make cross-curricular content connections can support differentiated instruction and help to meet the needs of diverse students. Choose two content standards, one ELA, and one other subject for the grade-level you are most interested teaching. Discuss a cross-curricular activity that could be used to master each content area standard. Include at least one piece of literature and discuss how it can be used to differentiate and support the activity.