Discussion | UNV-103 | Grand Canyon University

 Answer this classmates for the Discussion about procrastination.
Wesley Mezerkor

Aug 29, 2023, 2:38 PM

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Procrastination can significantly impact time management by causing delays in getting work done, increased stress, and decreased productivity. To counter the negative impacts of procrastination and enhance my time managment skills, I plan on taking a proactive approach by employing time-blocking techniques and giving myself mental breaks. Time blocking will help me manage my time between completing my own schoolwork, helping my daughter with her cyber schooling, my job, and rasing my children while running the household. Through time blocking, I will be able to maintain a focused mindset and resist the urge to postpone assignments. It’s also very important to incorporate mental breaks in my schedule. During these breaks, I will engage in activites like playing a video game or doing a craft with my kids to refresh my mind before returning to an assignment. I recognize that proctrastination can have detrimental effects on time management. By creating a structured schedule, setting realistic goals, and embracing mindful breaks, my aim is to enhance my productivity, meet deadlines, and have a healthy balance between responsibilities and leisure activites.