Do a swot analysis. | Marketing homework help

Do a SWOT Analysis. (All the work is about the company described in the attached Word file, there you will find the company data)

This assignment must include:

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1- Realistic information based on research on the regions/countries in your supply chain.  Identify their strengths and weaknesses relating to an uninterrupted, effective, and efficient supply chain.

2- Realistic information based on research on the materials that will be used for your products. Are they:


design quality,

plentiful, and


3- The results of your realistic examination of your shipping lanes:

What mode(s) will you use?

Is/Are it/they reliable, cost-effective, and available?

If inherent drawbacks exist, what are they?

4- SWOT analysis for each channel (it is okay for you decide that a channel is too risky; this is the purpose of this exercise).

5- Incorporation of social and environmental factors with monetary ones.:

Cite your research. 

Your paper (content portion) must be a minimum of three pages.