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  • DQ4
  • Why do companies need a technology roadmap?  What utility to they bring to the organization?  Who should be in charge of developing a technology roadmap?  And how should the roadmap be evaluated or assessed to measure its utility?   Give an example of a national company that you feel had a good roadmap and explain why giving specific examples. Reply substantively to two other learners with thought provoking statements and questions that cause the learner to think and moves the discussion forward.

I need 1 to 2 page discussion with references and citations. plz dont copy from internet just understand the question and write in your own words.
see this comment for your reference which  i got from last home work from professor so i dont want to repeat this mistake again this time:  

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Your SafeAssign  score is too high and should be under 30%.  See APA  on citing correctly.  Citing too much becomes someone else’s work or duplicating from another source compromises the  analysis.  I’m interested in your critical thinking pertaining to the case.  The SafeAssign score needs to come down to an adequate score next time.