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Description of the Company/Case:

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Dreamz Inc. develops software and learning solutions for clients worldwide. The main office of the organization is located on six floors of a building in Chicago where 100 users occupy each floor. While the first floor houses the corporate office, the other floors house the Administrative, Finance, HR, Engineering, Marketing, IT, and Research departments. All users need e-mail, file and print, and Internet services. To provide these services, the organization has 10 servers that are used as LAN, proxy, and database servers. The users in the finance and HR departments require sufficient bandwidth and access applications from an Oracle server. This server is accessible to users only in the finance and HR departments; these users can also access the server from the Internet. Dreamz Inc. is also connected to the Internet from the same network and has Web and e-mail servers hosted for Internet access. With expanding business, Dreamz Inc. has setup three branch offices in St. Louis, Detroit, and New Jersey. These three branch offices need to be connected to the main office and other branch offices. Another fourth office at San Francisco comprises a network of five users and requires a single Internet connection.

Assignment 2: Final Project: Design LAN and WAN

Dreamz Inc. has a branch office in Canberra, Australia. Telnet and a few other delay-sensitive applications run between the offices at Chicago and Canberra. Ensure that the network allows:
•24X7 availability of the network.
•Expansion of the network.
•Deployment of any vendor product and running of any protocol on the network.
Submit the following designs in a presentation or as MS Visio files and the remaining submissions as MS Word documents to the W6: Assignment 2 Dropbox:
•Design a LAN for Dreamz Inc. This will include the topology, transmission media, bandwidth, network devices, network protocol, and a firewall.
•List the information you need to design the network. Mention the reasons for obtaining each piece of information.
•Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the design.
•Design the WAN network for Dreamz Inc. including topology, bandwidth, and the routing protocol.
•Design the Internet connectivity and security for the network.
•Design the network connectivity for the California office to Dreamz Inc.’s private network.
•Design a verification plan for both LAN and WAN for Dreamz Inc.