Drug altered consciousness assignment | Psychology homework help


Understanding the human brain and how it can affect one’s behavior is an important relationship in psychology. There are many debates whether prescription drugs or illegal drugs affect the chemical make-up of the brain which ultimately may cause a change in behavior.

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Pretend you are a substance abuse educator and you have been asked to address a high school class and explain how the brain effects human behavior without the introduction of any prescription or illegal drugs. Basically, how does the brain control behavior? Since statistically many teenagers “experiment” with “drugs” also explain how altering the chemicals of the brain could affect behavior.


A hot topic in most States is the legalization of medicinal marijuana. One student raises her hand and says that she does not understand the “big deal” on why marijuana cannot be legal. She asks that you identify the pros and cons to this decision as it relates to the medical rational behind the legalization of this drug.


After conducting your research, organize and write a 500-800 word paper using Times New Roman, font size 12, 1” margins with a title and reference page. Remember to provide in-text citations for each reference utilized. Provide at least 2 credible references. Wikipedia and about.com are not appropriate academic references.


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