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Similar to our in-class discussion of the studio and live recorded versions of “Burnin’ and Lootin’” [Natty Dread (1973), Live at Leeds (1973), and Live! (1975)], select one song recorded by a single artist that you know well that exists in both a studio and at least one live recording that you can find on YouTube (include YouTube URLs for each recording that you discuss). 


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In your paper, compare the studio and live recordings. Address the following questions:

  • How are the studio and live versions performed the same or differently?
  • The lyrics – are there changes or differences between the studio and live versions?
  • Are there instrumental breaks or solos in each recording?  If so – where?  How are they the same or different in each recording?
  • Where is the energy in each performance and why do you believe that it is the case for each recording?
  • Does the artist address or interact with the crowd in the live version(s)?  How does this make it a different experience than the studio recording for you and for a member of the original audience?


Other requirements for this paper:

  • Length of paper: your paper must be a minimum of 2 1/2, double-spaced, pages using a standard font and size (12 point).  It can be as long as you need. 

The following Grading Rubric will be used for all Listening/Analysis/Issues Papers.


Clarity of purpose, topic, and theme (10%)

It should be clear to your reader what you are specifically discussing. Analytical writing should be explicit and focused. Be wary of having only a general sense of what you want to discuss. Some sentence early in the paper should offer your major, overriding insight—your thesis statement—the point around which the whole paper adheres.

Substantiation (40%)

There should be a clear and definite sense of how the ideas in the paper originated in and developed from your interaction with the assigned topic. This requirement helps you clarify your insights and helps someone else see your perspective more clearly. Substantiation can take the form of referring to specific details, conflicts, resolutions, images, and/or using quotations to verify your points (as appropriate).

Coherence (20%)

All sections/paragraphs of your paper should help develop the topic/theme. Coherence means that there exists a unity of purpose and focus throughout the paper; that you do not meander to some other interest and that you do not lose track of the specific theme of your paper.

Cohesiveness (10%)

There should also be a sense of connection between paragraphs, some feeling of transition from one paragraph to the next—a developmental progression that builds throughout the paper. Some relationship should exist between the paragraphs in terms of how they forward or continue the discussion of your theme/topic.

Grammar/language/expression (20%)

The way in which you form your sentences, your use of the English language, and the way you express your ideas are also taken into consideration.