E-business strategy | Operations Management homework help

The E-BUSINESS PLAN DESIGN AND ANALYSIS includes the following:

Design and Analysis of a Web-Based E-Business Plan

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1. Business Name (include a fictitious website/logo)

2. Mission Statement (create a mission statement to state the purpose of your organization)

3. Company Description (describe what your company does)

4. Product/Service Summary (describe the types of products/services you offer)

5. Competitor Analysis (both digital and physical) – include at least 2 main competitors out there, compare and contrast)

6. Marketing Strategy (Detail your 4 P’s of marketing- Product, Price, Place, Promotion)
a. What promotional tools will be used (banner ads, email marketing, SEO)

7. Website Information (URL; description of how and why you chose it)

8. Web Site Flow Diagram (include the below details- this could be a flow diagram, Powerpoint Slides, a fictitious website, or whatever visual you want to use)
a. Start with home page
b. Visually depict pages and website flow

9. Web Tools Needed for Success?  Include reasoning for ones selected

a. Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

10. Type of Website Design (explain your selection)
a. Template or Custom Website and Why; Give Examples

11. Discuss Product / Service Offering
a. How will they be grouped on your site
b. Use examples on other websites

12. Monetization Scheme
a. How will your website make money
b. Banner ads/Email Marketing/Branding/Affiliate marketing
bi. Use all the topics we have covered to date; discuss each in detail

13. Web Hosting Information
a. How will your web site be hosted? Go Daddy or others?  Explain selection
b. What are the anticipated costs involved?

14. Partnerships / Affiliations
a. What other sites do you want to link to / who do you want to partner with?  Why?

15. Social Media
a. How will you leverage social media or crowdsourcing?

16. Search Engines
a. How will you manage your ranking on search engines?

17. Viral Marketing?  Will you use it, how?

18. How you will assess performance and goals?

19. What is your 5 year plan?

20. Bibliography (cite sources in MLA style)

21. Appendix
a. Include relevant charts, diagrams, graphs, and other graphics that you specifically referenced in your e-business plan.
b. Label each diagram in the order in which it appears in your e-business plan, such as A: (Title of Chart), B: (Title of Graph), etc.