Ed5570: week 7 discussion 2: teaching and learning for the 21st


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ED5570: Week 7 Discussion 2: Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

The growth of online education has led to new theories and practices in teaching and
learning. There are also increased expectations that all student learning be measurable
and tied to key outcomes for citizenship and careers. Based on this week’s readings
and your own experience:

● How has the role of the instructor changed with the advent of online

● What parts of the instructor’s role have not changed over time?
● To what extent should college education be oriented toward general life skills

and success, and to what extent should it be oriented toward preparation for
a specific job or career? If you were to answer this question 200 years ago,
how would your answer be different?

Note: Please see attached

Note: 1 reference required

Note: Minimum of 300 words.