Edu 371: phonics based reading & decoding week 3 assignment

Introduction to Balanced Literacy

Introduction to Balanced Literacy

Read the following short web articles about balanced literacy:

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  1. What is balanced literacy?   (PDF Attached)
  2. Balanced Literacy Instruction: A Truce for the Reading War?
  3. Components of balanced literacy. (PDF Attached)


Now, find and read an article published post-2000 about balanced literacy in a peer-reviewed journal from the International Reading Association. The Ashford University Library has access to these journals. (Challenge: Find an article that does not support balanced literacy.)


  • Create a PowerPoint or Prezi (or feel free to use another digital tool with instructor approval).  Your presentation title is “What is Balanced Literacy?”
  • Describe what you have learned about balanced literacy. Pretend you will be presenting this workshop to brand new teachers from another country.
  • You will be presenting at least ten slides, not including title and reference slides.
  • On the last slide, include a list of sources in APA style.



Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.



Book:Rasinski, T. & Padak, N.D. (2013). From phonics to fluency: Effective teaching of decoding and reading fluency in the elementary school. NJ: Pearson. 



 If you have any question please feel free to ask me.