Education portfolio assignment: classroom layout standards

Portfolio Assignment: Classroom Layout


FL – Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (2010) 

Area: Quality of Instruction.

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Accomplished Practice: 2.b The Learning Environment. To maintain a student-centered learning environment that is safe, organized, equitable, flexible, inclusive, and collaborative, the effective educator consistently.

For this assignment, you will be given a scenario related to effective classroom arrangements in an elementary classroom. You will then provide possible suggestions/strategies for classroom placements. See attached for complete assignment details. You will upload your responses to the attached document.

In the IRIS module, you are to access Effective Seating Arrangements Elementary and download or use that resource online. You have downloaded it previously in this Module.  However, if you need to access it again, use the following steps: 

  • Go to the Iris Resource LocatorLinks to an external site..
    • Select “Behavior and Classroom Management”.  
    • Select “Case Studies”
    • Final Select: “Effective Room Arrangement: Elementary.  This is the document that you will need. 
    • Use the attached document to complete the assignment