Email requesting permission | Management homework help

 Typically, before a writer expends energy on a research proposal, they ask for permission from their decision-maker to start the project. 

You will write an email to your decision-maker requesting permission to move forward with the proposal of the benefits of working remotely for the researched proposal to solve a problem which is employees want to work from home. You will provide evidence to support the viability of your topic.

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  • Contains no fewer than 500 and  no more than 700 words.
  • Follows correct email format.
  • Includes subheadings to break up sections of the email.
  • Describes the problem or project you want to work on and explains its significance.
  • Integrates at least two viable  sources into the request to demonstrate research is available to support  the topic.
  • Provides current 7th edition  APA formatted in-text citations and references pages.