Email | Spanish homework help

 Pretend that you are writing an email to a friend in Perú. He wants to know about your Spanish
class! Tell him about your Spanish class so far! Include the following information:
• A greeting
• What objects are in the classroom (list at least 5, use hay, ex: Hay computadora, hay
dos ventanas, etc..)
• What you need for your class e.g (Yo necesito…)
• How many students that are in the class (remember to use Hay)
• What the students are like (Physical/personality: list 2-3 descriptors)
• What the professor is like (use female) make 2-3 descriptors
Close your email with an appropriate goodbye. Minimum of 8 sentences.

N/B : Bold all adjectives, and all should match nouns. Nouns should match their articles in gender and number. underline all nouns and articles in your writing and also italicize all verbs in your writing.

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