Eng 122 english composition ii week 4 final exam (100% score)

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ENG 122

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English Composition II

New course (all correct 75/75)


Question 1.

In Toulmin argument, evidence is: (Points : 1)

        the information provided in an article’s abstract.

        the information you have gathered about your subject.

        a collection of topic sentences.

        the answer to a thesis question.



Question 2.

Which of the following is NOT a requirement of APA formatting? (Points : 1)

        an in-text citation with abbreviated publication information

        an in-text citation with the Internet web address

        a references page of all sources in alphabetical order

        parenthetical references with author, publication year, and page number



Question 3.

How are argument sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)

        They offer a persuasive perspective on one side of a controversial issue.

        They provide conclusive evidence that ends a debate.

        They encourage the reader to remain neutral on a topic.

        They make the reader highly emotional about the issue.



Question 4.

As you finalize the essential and supporting questions of the research stage, you need to reconsider coherency to determine WHICH of the following scenarios: (Points : 1)

        Your questions have asked everything possible in order to cover all bases.

        Your supporting questions relate back to your essential questions.

        Essential questions are independent and do not relate to your supporting questions.

        You only focus on noncontroversial questions.



Question 5.

Which of the following is NOT considered a viable criterion for evaluating sources? (Points : 1)



        easiness to find and read




Question 6.

Course textbooks are useful resources for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        They provide a short overview of the topic.

        They help researchers understand the specialized language of a field.

        They feature the most recent academic debates on the topic.

        They give readers a general sense of the important topics in the field.



Question 7.

A Rogerian Argument ends with a clear winner and loser. (Points : 1)





Question 8.

An effective paragraph generally features (Points : 1)

        a topic sentence

        examples or explanations

        All of the above

        None of the above



Question 9.

Which of the following does NOT apply to student researchers? (Points : 1)

        You must demonstrate knowledge of a subject.

        You must include credible, scholarly research.

        You must actively respond to the experts in your writing.

        You must seek to correct other studies.



Question 10.

If you are found responsible for violating the Academic Dishonestly polic, and there are multiple instances of academic dishonesty violations, or a singular violation is egregious, you will be referred to the Student Affairs department for review. (Points : 1)





Question 11.

Which of the following statements BEST describes plagiarism? (Points : 1)

        Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of common knowledge without a citation.

        Plagiarism is the unique formulation of your own ideas.

        Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of words and ideas originating with other writers.

        Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of quotes from informal conversations.


Question 12.

If a student simply forgets to cite a source, it isn’t plagiarism. (Points : 1)





Question 13.

In the Chapter 2 case study, while researching the impact of technology on teen social life, Emma uses supporting questions to do all of the following EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

        to locate open-ended questions for further consideration.

        to find new ways to gather and interpret data.

        to discover new questions to ask.

        to uncover new relationships.



Question 14.

“Everyone from that department is untrustworthy.” This is an example of (Points : 1)

        the post-hoc fallacy.

        the red-herring fallacy.

        the group-think fallacy.

        the hasty-generalization fallacy.



Question 15.


The thesis statement is the claim in Toulmin argument. (Points : 1)





Question 16.

A bad thesis will often contain all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        It makes no claims.

        It restates conventional wisdom.

        It presents a claim readers might disagree with.

        It offers personal opinions as the basis.



Question 17.

Pre-reading strategies should include which ONE of the following activities? (Points : 1)

        Survey the writing for overviews and summaries first.

        Clear your mind of questions and expectations.

        Avoid making comparisons to other writings.

        Consider what the writer knows instead of what you believe you know.



Question 18.

Which of the following is a compound sentence. (Points : 1)

        John bought some new shoes and wore them to a party.

        We can go see a movie, or we can get something to eat.

        When you get there, please remember to call me.

        None of the above



Question 19.

Ideas and information that are unpublished—such as a student paper or presentation—don’t need to be cited. (Points : 1)





Question 20.

How does a verbal, everyday argument DIFFER from an academic argument? (Points : 1)

        A verbal, everyday argument allows writers to report facts clearly.

        A verbal, everyday argument enables academic readers to access summaries other viewpoints.

        A verbal, everyday argument encourages you to win over an opponent’s.

        A verbal, everyday argument creates an opportunity to calmly consider another person’s perspective.



Question 21.

If you are confused about an issue, which of the following strategies is MOST effective? (Points : 1)

        Try writing about your confusion.

        Copy/paste the views of another author.

        Go looking for more sources.

        Pick another research topic.



Question 22.

Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)

        The federal government has had a courteous and supportive relationship with Planned Parenthood and other women’s health facilities for decades; however, funding from federal coffers should not be spent on procedures that are deemed unethical and murderous in the eyes of taxpayers.

        In this paper, I will explain my views on abortion.

        This paper will show that women’s health issues are important in America today and why Planned Parenthood should continue to receive federal funding.



Question 23.

Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)

        their role in aiding memorization

        their aid in problem solving

        their necessity in entry-level job positions

        their assistance in helping students finish exams



Question 24.

When starting a writing project, researchers should approach their research topic as all of the following EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

        an interesting problem to be solved.

        a potential line of inquiry.

        an area with numerous perspectives.

        a randomly selected aspect of the topic.



Question 25.

ALL of the following steps help writers develop research topics into appropriate lines of inquiry, EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

        Identify the parent, sibling, and child topics.

        Construct a central, one-dimensional topic.

        Develop a set of essential and supporting questions.

        Define the scope of your project.



Question 26.

The use of precise synonyms is MOST helpful for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)

        It helps find sources that more directly address the topic question.

        It uses everyday language.

        It teaches the researcher new vocabulary terms.

        It helps researchers get hundreds or thousands of exact results.



Question 27.

Which of the following approaches is MOST helpful during the research process? (Points : 1)

        approaching research with an open mind

        only seeking facts that support one’s personal beliefs

        rejecting unconventional ideas and research

        supporting research based on illogical arguments



Question 28.

Which thesis sentence best addresses a counter-argument? (Points : 1)

        Although texting while driving is known to cause distraction behind the wheel, making texting while driving illegal would not solve the problem.

        People have a right to talk on cell phones while driving if they want to.

        Teenagers are most likely to text while driving and it is dangerous.

        Bluetooth and hands-free technology is gaining popularity in the American auto industry.



Question 29.

Which of the following is the BEST definition of small-scale research project? (Points : 1)

        an insightful explanation of the current knowledge on a topic

        a summary that does not contribute to the larger discussion

        a project that tries to answer complex research questions

        an expression of one’s personal beliefs on a subject



Question 30.

The primary purpose of a literature review is to do which of the following? (Points : 1)

        Gather information on a body of work in a field.

        Offer the final word on a controversial topic.

        Personally contribute to an ongoing field of inquiry.

        Confuse the issues for the sake of debate.



Question 31.

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of a thesis? (Points : 1)

        to respond to one or more researchers’ positions

        to prove a point

        to present a straightforward definition of the topic

        to cite relevant evidence to support your argument



Question 32.

All of the following criteria help writers gauge their interest in a topic, EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

        listing unanswered questions.

        mapping concepts and connections.

        deciding that sufficient research already exists.

        writing paragraphs about important topics.



Question 33.

Toulmin suggested that values, beliefs, and principles about certain ideas are the basis of all arguments. (Points : 1)





Question 34.

Researchers understand that their research may provide the following element for future generations: (Points : 1)

        completeness to a problem.

        precise definition of an issue.

        decrease of further study.

        extension, revision, or refutation of their work.



Question 35.

To meet research deadlines, which of the following criteria is MOST useful? (Points : 1)

        open-ended research questions

        complete devotion to studies

        a narrow focus

        a broad view of a topic



Question 36.

Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? (Points : 1)

        I always have a difficult time choosing a topic. Writing is hard!

        I always have a difficult time choosing a topic; writing is hard!

        All of the above

        None of the above



Question 37.

 How are exhibit sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)

        They encourage readers to interpret evidence and think critically.

        They establish the undisputed facts of the topic.

        They make a convincing argument on one side of the debate.

        They display various works of art from different historical eras.



Question 38.

 Using the acronym “BEAM” helps researchers in which of the following ways? (Points : 1)

        It teaches students how to find sources in the library and how to use them in research.

        It helps students remember the different types of sources by using an everyday term.

        It makes the different types of writing abstract and complex.

        It helps students learn new vocabulary words.



Question 39.

 All Ashford University courses utilize (Points : 1)

        the MLA style.

        the Chicago style.

        the APA style.

        the CSA style.



Question 40.

Google searches never result in appropriate results for a research-based paper. (Points : 1)





Question 41.

 Which of the following characteristics is NOT an expected outcome of a research project? (Points : 1)

        Frustrations and challenges occur in the writing process.

        New perspectives will occur.

        You will forge a solitary path to the answer.

        Your voice will inform a community of scholars.



Question 42.

Rogerian Argument is arranged in the following order: (Points : 1)

        Introduction, Argument, Rebuttal, Counterargument, Conclusion

        Introduction & Thesis Statement, Position & Evidence, Opposing Viewpoint, Rebuttal, Conclusion

        Thesis Statement, Topic Sentences, Conclusion

        Introduction & Thesis Statement, Opposing Viewpoint, Position & Evidence, Common Ground, Solution & Conclusion



Question 43.

 A good conclusion does all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        It explains the contents of a source with quotes and citations.

        It articulates ideas in a complex manner that ties analysis together.

        It explains implications of ideas and the importance of the research.

        It encourages readers to pursue the topic further.



Question 44.

 The final section of a research paper (usually the last page) is titled (Points : 1)



        Works Cited

        Works Referenced



Question 45.

Writers who treat readers as fellow researchers do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        Admit their arguments are limited and open to critique.

        State facts on a subject for the reader to accept without question.

        Display evidence from which they draw conclusions.

        Invite readers to join a conversation.



Question 46.

 An interpretive framework for an essay should include all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        emotionally driven beliefs.

        opinions of experts.

        historical precedent.

        cause-and-effect relationships.



Question 47.

 What is the best way to describe the concept of a “community of thinkers”? (Points : 1)

        insistence of the truth of one’s own beliefs on a subject

        exchange and contribution of ideas among critical thinkers

        discussion within groups that all hold the same beliefs

        heated debates where one side clearly wins the argument



Question 48.

 Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? (Points : 1)

        Some love baseball, and others love football.

        Some love baseball and others love football.

        Some love baseball and, others love football.

        Some, love baseball and others love football.



Question 49.

 Researchers prefer a narrow focus and selective research methods for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)

        They allow researchers to specialize in field or subject matter.

        They allow researchers access to a multitude of ways to address a problem.

        They allow researchers to write a broad research question.

        They provide researchers with the definitive answer to a problem.



Question 50.

Researchers can BEST develop and refine their research question in which ONE of the following ways? (Points : 1)

        Keep the original wording the same.

        Use the successful search terms in gathered sources to rewrite the question.

        Make the research question as detailed as possible, including all possibilities.

        Rewrite the research question to cover a larger issue.



Question 51.

 The project description serves all of the following functions in the initial phase of a research project, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        the puzzling phenomenon you want to explain.

        a description of your approach to the research.

        the conclusions you have reached.

        a summary of different research articles on the topic.



Question 52.

 Once a writer has completed the first stages of the research project, which of the following is MOST recommended? (Points : 1)

        Writers should follow a strict schedule and not skip around.

        Avoid locating new sources and be satisfied with what has been written.

        Go back to an earlier phase and revise periodically.

        Work ahead and complete upcoming stages early.



Question 53.

 Free-writing is a useful writing technique for WHICH of the following reasons? (Points : 1)

        It generates the most precise language.

        It encourages you to cite your sources.

        It generates sentences that will appear in your final draft.

        It helps you get your preliminary thoughts down on paper.



Question 54.

 A researcher can tell that questions are coherent by all of the following results, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        The essential questions are unrelated to one another.

        The supporting questions are connected to essential questions.

        The scope of the project is limited and possible.

        The research is focused on a specific purpose.



Question 55.

 By carefully considering the numerous perspectives on a topic, which of the following is MOST likely to occur? (Points : 1)

        The researcher will get off track on the issue.

        The writer will lose focus on the main purpose.

        New data will complicate the issues and cause disarray.

        The researcher’s understanding will deepen.



Question 56.

Which of the following BEST describes the use of subjectivity and opinions in a research project? (Points : 1)

        Emotions are irrelevant to research and must be eliminated.

        Opinions should be used to beliefs upon the audience.

        Emotions and subjectivity do not influence logic.

        Opinions should be questioned and perhaps changed during research.



Question 57.

 Which of the following is NOT recommended when familiarizing yourself with a new field? (Points : 1)

        making an initial survey of existing research

        knowing the current controversies in a field

        only seeking out information related to your initial question

        figuring out what issues are at stake in the debate



Question 58.

An academic argument contains all of the following components, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        personal opinions without additional evidence

        one or more authorial claims

        carefully selected conceptual framework

        relevant and tested evidence



Question 59.

Classic argument is based upon ancient Greek rhetoric and argument. (Points : 1)





Question 60.

 How are background sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)

        They explain an interesting theory related to the topic.

        They provide a convincing argument on one side of the debate.

        They explain the best ways to conduct research projects.

        They feature established facts that help ground the researcher’s work.



Question 61.

 Which thesis sentence best addresses a counter-argument? (Points : 1)

        Carbohydrates are not healthy for most people.

        Despite years dependence on calorie reduction to lose weight, medical intervention and personalized diet plans are more effective than a generic diet of strict caloric restrictions.

        I tried Weight Watchers in the 1990s but gained all of the weight back. Now I am on the South Beach Diet and I’ve already lost 15 pounds!

        Men have an easier time losing weight than women.



Question 62.

Researchers who locate a community of scholars engaged in a conversation should do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        Link scholars to clear positions.

        Selectively pick data to support their own views.

        Identify foundational theories and positions.

        Start to see structure of a conversation.



Question 63.

 Some general rules to follow when avoiding plagiarism include: (Points : 1)

        When in doubt, cite your sources

        Avoid procrastination so you are not tempted to plagiarize at the last minute.

        Take notes as you read and make a note of the sources.

        b & c

        all of the above



Question 64.

Which fallacy typically involves circular reasoning? (Points : 1)

        an appeal to inadequate authority.

        begging the question.

        hasty generalization.

        all of the above.



Question 65.

 Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)

        Parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.

        Even though television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.

        While television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch because it inhibits social interaction, shortens children’s attention spans, and isn’t always intellectually stimulating.



Question 66.

An in-text citation for a compilation or edited book would look like: (Points : 1)

        (Easton 2008)

        [Easton 2008]

        (Easton, 2008)

        [Easton, 2008)



Question 67.

Identify the correct reference-page citation format for an online journal article: (Points : 1)

        Easing the transition improves grad retention at Trinity U. Santovec, M. (2008). Women in Higher Education, 17(10), 32. Retrieved from http://www.wihe.com/

        Easing the transition improves grad retention at Trinity U. Santovec, M. (2008). Women in Higher Education, 17(10), 32: http://www.wihe.com/

        Santovec, M. (2008). Easing the transition improves grad retention at Trinity U. Women in Higher Education, 17(10), 32: http://www.wihe.com/

        Santovec, M. (2008). Easing the transition improves grad retention at Trinity U. Women in Higher Education, 17(10), 32.Retrieved from http://www.wihe.com/



Question 68.

When you use your values and personal experiences as evidence, you need to do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

        Establish the limited nature of your views and experiences.

        Test your views and experiences by including other evidence.

        Describe your values and experiences so that you win the debate.

        Consider the values and experiences of others.



Question 69.

If an idea is not your own, you must cite the source in the text of the paper and at the end of the paper as a reference. (Points : 1)





Question 70.

“Secret organizations are watching our every move. The fact that we know nothing about them shows how powerful they actually are.” This is an example of (Points : 1)

        a begging-the-question fallacy.

        an appeal-to-ignorance fallacy.

        misplacing the burden of proof fallacy.

        a slippery-slope fallacy.



Question 71.

Topic sentences are optional and should not be used in a persuasive essay. (Points : 1)





Question 72.

Synthesizing helps writers with WHICH of the following skills? (Points : 1)

        reading to understand a fact

        memorizing important data

        selecting the correct option

        seeing connections between sources



Question 73.

A sentence fragment may be corrected by (Points : 1)

        attaching the fragment to a nearby complete sentence.

        revising the fragment to include whatever is missing, such as a subject or verb.

        rewriting the fragment so that it expresses a complete thought.

        All of the above



Question 74.

A writer can demonstrate the connection between evidence and claims by doing WHICH ONE of the following? (Points : 1)

        allowing evidence to speak for itself

        showing a clear, logical connection

        letting common sense prevails

        staying firm to personal beliefs



Question 75.

 Which of the following is NOT a myth concerning the search for the “perfect source?” (Points : 1)

        Your perfect source will help you understand exactly what you want to say.

        All confusions are cleared up by one source that excels above all others.

        For an easy writing process, you need to find one perfect source that makes everything fall into place.

        You should search for sources that are more reputable than others.