English comsition ii,, i need someone to read two stories and right

Essay structure ,, 


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The prompts that follow are suggestions for what you might write an essay about for this unit. You will use at least two of the assigned texts as primary sources to guide your analysis. In addition, you must use no less than three secondary sources with a high level of relevance to your discussion. You can use one piece of unassigned fiction as a secondary source if you prefer, but the other two sources must be critical analyses. As always any claim, assertion, suggestion, or answer to a question must be supported by strong evidence from the text you are referencing.  



#1. Compare and contrast how some of the authors we’ve read this unit approach gender issues in their writing? What techniques do these authors use in their portrayals of these issues, and how effectively does each one make his/her point?


This is the referencing texts 


1- Eveline by James Joyce

2-  yellow wallpaper by charlotte perkins gilman




Papers should be 4 pages in length minimum, 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font, and use standard MLA format 



List of authors who you might be interested in using for secondary source fiction:


Edith Wharton

Dagoberto Gilb

Virginia Woolf

Katherine Mansfield

Maxine Hong Kingston

Mary Astell

Mary Leapor