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For your first formal writing assignment, I ask you to consider on a particular issue (for example “should genetically modified food be labeled just as organic food is labeled?”). Using the description on pages 33-34 of Writing Arguments and the outline on page 35, write an Exploratory Essay on your chosen claim. Although this essay is narrative in nature, remember to write in paragraph form, using all standard English mechanics and MLA formatting and citation style. You’ll notice that the textbook gives a sample essay for you as well, on page 36.

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Writing Assignment description (from the textbook) for your convenience:

“Write an exploratory essay in which you narrate in first-person, chronological order the evolution through time of your thinking about an issue or problem. Rather than state a thesis or claim, begin with a question or problem. Then describe your inquiry process as you worked your way through sources or different views. Follow the guidelines for an exploratory paper shown on pages 33 and the organization plan shown on the next page. When you cite the sources you have considered, be sure to use attributive tags so that the reader can distinguish between your own ideas and those of the sources you have summarized. If you use research sources, use MLA documentation for citing ideas and quotations and for creating a Works Cited at the end.”

I expect that you will use at least three outside sources for this essay. You are welcome to consider more, but are not required to do so. Since this process will be quite personal, there is no set page requirement, but please be thorough in your consideration of each source and perspective.

 Format Requirements: 3-5 pages, Standard MLA formatting is required for all essays, but as this is your first, I give you some leeway. Generally, use Times New Roman 12 pt font. The default font in newer editions of Microsoft Word are also acceptable. Double space all of the essay itself, and include your name in the upper left corner of the essay. Include page numbers in the upper right corner.