English literature oedipus the king (critical review) write a well-


English Literature Oedipus the King (Critical Review)

Write a well- examined 4 page paper(1200 WORDS) on the play, Oedipus the King. Please write in 3rd person. 

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Introduce the author and title of the play within the first two sentences.

Present the central idea and conflict with a dialectic (thesis, antithesis, and synthesis). 

– Write the dialectic in one sentence (preferably the last sentence of the introductory paragraph).

The critical review should encompass the following:

1.  Introduction: (dialectic) (underlined)

2.  Plot: (using the Freytag Pyramid) (rising action, climax, following action, resolution)

3.  Chracters: (Describe them)

4.  Ambiguity: (Pro/Cons) (What was not clear?)

5.  Conclusion

Do not use outside material – allow your own voice, interpretation, and critical evaluation to resonate.  Remember to analyze the short story; do not merely retell the story.  Adhere to MLA format, double space, Courier New (13 pitch).