Erm and relational diagram | Computer Science homework help

You must have at least these entities: REGION, FACTORY, EMPLOYEE, DEPARTMENT, TRAINING CLASS. You should use the attributes shown below. 
(1) You are to design an Expanded Entity Relationship Model Diagram. An example of the Expanded Entity Relationship Model Diagram is seen in Figure 3.27 on page 89. 
(2)You are to draw a relational diagram with attributes shown. See examples of relational diagrams with attributes. See figure 3.28 and figure 3.30. Be sure to indicate the primary and foreign keys in each design. 
Also, be sure to indicate whether there is a 1:1, 1:M, M:1, or M:N relationship between the tables.

(3) Use the following information for this problem.

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The Southern Widgets Corporation has many regions and operates many factories.

Each factory is located in a region, and each region can be home to many Southern Widgets Corporation’s factories.

Each of the factories is composed of many departments.

Each department has many employees assigned to it, but each employee works for only one department at one of the factories. An employee cannot work at more than one factory at a time.

An employee may have completed no training class, one training class, or several training classes. Each training class can be taken by several employees.

The data to be stored for each of the entities is as follows:

Region — region code, region name, region manager

Factory — factory number, factory name, region number

Employee – employee number, employee name, job description, date of birth, department number

Department – department code, department name, manager number, factory number

Training class — class number, class description, date of class, cost of class, instructor


Region number and region code are referring to the same information

At the start or end of each attribute name, include your initials.