Essential concepts project | Computer Science homework help


The purpose of this hands-on project is to give students an opportunity to create a hierarchical folder structure (CLO 1, MLO 1.1) and explain key terms and concepts related to information systems (CLO 7, MLO 1.3). To do this, use the weekly readings, along with the video tutorial, to complete the Essential Concepts Project.

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Part 1. Read the following modules in the Technology for Success textbook:

  • Module 3: Computer Hardware (pages CC 3-1 to CC 3-28)
  • Module 4: Operating Systems and File Management (pages CC 4-1 to CC 4-21)
  • Module 5: Software and Apps (pages CC 5-1 to CC 5-33)

Next, create a new Microsoft Word document (.docx). In 2-3 pages, answer the following questions:

  1. What does it mean to live in a “modern information society?”
  2. What types of input and output devices would be ideal for a college student completing his or her coursework?
  3. What characteristics are common among operating systems? List types of operating systems, and examples of each. How does the device affect the functionality of an operating system?
  4. Leah Jacobs is starting her own dance studio and wants to create digital media and use productivity software to support her business. She is hiring a graphic artist to create a logo for her business. She wants to use the logo across all visual communications at the company, from business cards to database forms, to websites and social media. What programs and apps should she consider using to run her business?

Part 2. Create a class folder so that you can save files in the proper folders. As an organization scheme, do the following:

  1. Create the folders you need onto the location of your choice. This may be your Documents folder, a flash drive, or the desktop if you are working on a CBU machine. Begin by creating a folder called LastnameFirstname. Inside of the LastnameFirstname folder, create a folder called CIS 265. Inside the CIS 265 folder, create the following folders: Office and Operating System, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook, Integrated Capstone Project.

  2. Expand the hierarchical tree so that all the folders are visible (via Windows Explorer).

  3. Press the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard. This will take a snapshot of the screen and put it in the computer’s clipboard (temporary memory).

  4. Open the document you’ve already created for this Essential Concepts assignment. Press the Paste button or press Ctrl and V. This should paste a picture of the screen onto the last page of the document.
  5. The finished product should consist of a copy of the screenshot showing that you have created the folders.

(IMPORTANT: You should use these folders to save all your work throughout this course.)

Part 3. Attach and submit your completed project (which should be a single Word document with word processing and/or screen shots (in Full Screen Reading view) of all assignment components, labeled and in order) by the assigned due date.

Essential Concepts Project Scoring

Assignment ComponentsPossible

Part 1  

  • Questions 1-4 answered correctly

15 x 4 = 60

Part 2  

  • Includes a LastnameFirstname folder
  • Includes the CIS265 sub-folder
  • Includes all seven (7) application sub-folders
  • Displays all folders in the correct hierarchy

 Below is an outline of what each page of your Essential Concepts Project should look like:

Page 1Essential Concepts ProjectFirst and Last NameCourse TitleCalifornia Baptist University_____________________________________________________

Pages 2-4I n 2-3 pages, answer the questions above._____________________________________________________________

Pages 5-6
Insert or paste screen shots of your class hierarchical folder and organizational scheme.