Ethical issues | CRJS 8352 – Leadership: Putting Theory into Practice in Criminal Justice Administration | Walden University

Ethical Challenges

Leaders are constantly faced with challenges that test the police department’s integrity as they strive to reduce crime and increase the quality of life within their communities. The essence of police integrity is to balance respect, trust, and political influences, while working within legal authority in an ethical manner consistent with community expectations.

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For this Discussion, review the articles in the resources for this week.

Assignment: a description of potential ethical challenges in the Kennedy scenario from your resources this week. Based on your experience or research, do you believe the police officers involved in the scenario should have known their actions were questionable? Again, from your experience or research, what disciplinary action, if any, do you believe would be appropriate for this situation? Do you believe the letter from the chief of police to the citizens of Ft. Worth, Texas, was an adequate response to the situation? Why or why not? Finally, explain how leadership might have changed the outcome of the scenario by demonstrating integrity and ethics.

Must answer all questions in the assignment section 

Must be one page long

turn it in report required 

references required 

Resources that must be used :

Haberfeld, M. R. (2013). Police leadership: Organizational and managerial decision making process (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

  • Chapter 1, “Introduction: The Pentagon of Police Leadership Integrity” (pp. 1–11)
  • Chapter 2, “Integrity, Ethics, and Police Leadership” (pp. 12–22)

Kennedy, B. (2013, November 20). Fort Worth police stopped motorists—to gather saliva and blood samples? Star-Telegram. Retrieved from

Miller, B. (2013, November 20). Chief Halstead responds to concerns about Fort Worth officers helping with survey [Blog post]. Retrieved from